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How To Buy a Sofa Online

Ready to kickstart your virtual sofa shopping journey but feeling daunted by the task? Don't worry - Lisa Holt has all the insider tips you need for a smooth, successful experience.

Not only will it be important to find something that fits your budget, but it must also meet those hard-to-define comfort requirements too! With Lisa’s help navigating online stores and understanding what's essential when selecting one of these larger purchases - you'll quickly gain the confidence needed to hit that “place order” button!


When shopping for a new sofa, don't skimp on reviews! Be sure to read in-depth and get as much information about the product as possible. According to Lisa Holt, “It's worthwhile considering both pros and cons mentioned by reviewers - what some may view unfavorably could be seen positively from your perspective instead. Also, look at how many overall ratings there are when gauging quality; with enough of these you can spot an accurate pattern emerging.” Take things further by searching out real customer pictures too: without any studio setup or stylist tricks, they'll reveal far more than standard marketing shots ever will!

Tip #2 - Get Samples

Want to find the perfect fabric for your sofa? Before you buy, order samples! It's a small price to pay and will be invaluable when deciding which materials work best in your space. Many vendors provide these free or at minimal cost - just check their website first; if it doesn't offer ordering options, contact them directly.

“Seeing the fabric firsthand is essential: don’t skip this crucial step no matter how tempting it may seem!” – Lisa Holt

Tip #3 - Measure Up

To ensure a hassle-free experience, grab your handy dandy tape measure and blue painter's tape. These will help you get an accurate sense of how the sofa fits into its designated spot in terms of size and ease-of movement - all without having to go through multiple rounds of order/return steps! Measure twice or even three times if needed so that when it’s finally made it to your doorstep, there are no unwelcome surprises waiting for you.

Important- Make sure to double-check all points of entry - a few clicks of the measuring tape could save you serious headaches and prevent unnecessary returns! Sizing up doorways, staircases, and elevators is super important; it'll ensure that your new sofa doesn't end up stuck outside.


Wanna Know More?

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