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How to Choose Paint Colors

Let's face it, selecting paint colors can be tricky and intimidating. You might feel as if you're standing in the aisle with so many stunning shades to choose from that decision-making becomes impossible - or worse, there's always the possibility of ending up with an unpleasant result after all your hard work has been done!

That being said, paint color expert Lisa Holt is here to give you hope; her tried-and-true system guarantees perfect color selections every time.

Tip 1 - Never Ignore Your Architecture

Get the most from your home's unique architecture! Planning a paint scheme with awareness of what period and style it is can help you create something that looks great and complements its structure. For example, if you have a Victorian townhouse, avoid colors like mid-century modern oranges and harsh greens to ensure they don't clash.

Tip 2 - Make Your Space Feel Larger

Painting everything the same color is an excellent rule of thumb to unify your space! With this strategy in mind, consider Light Reflectance Value (LRV). Typically an LRV closer to 100 will create a brighter look and feel or, conversely—a darker shade with an LRV below 15 for more depth. Whichever route you choose, ensure each surface receives the same attention- walls, woodwork trim, ceiling, and door jambs included!

Tip 3 - Pay Attention to Light

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Color is an integral factor in creating any space, but if you cannot replicate the same light your area will have when complete, a must-have tool for designers and decorators alike is a light pad.

"This invaluable device offers coverage over every lighting scenario imaginable, guaranteeing color accuracy regardless of changing daylight conditions - leaving nothing up to chance!" – Lisa Holt

Tip 4 - Swatch it

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When deciding on paint colors for your project, nothing beats a drawdown! Get an 8 x 11 sheet of cardstock with the exact color you've chosen already tested in the same sheen - saving yourself from surprises. Even though it may cost money to get these samples, trust us when we say that this is cheap insurance and essential for ensuring the correct result. Don't skimp here; collect up to 6 different swatches so you can make sure your final choice looks precisely how you want it to.

Tip 5 - Pick the Body Color FIRST

Get the color of your dreams with no wasted time! Lisa Holt's RULE OF 3 SYSTEM (more on that in a moment) will help you select a perfect primary body color. Considering other finishes in your space, use those as inspiration to pick out trims or accent colors to make this foundational choice - even better if their shades are of the same hue but different sheen levels.


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