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What is Dark Academia?

Step into another world and embrace Dark Academia – the unexpected 2023 interior design trend! This moody maximalist style has made its way beyond TikTok, with earth hues defining walls, vintage finds gracing shelves, and natural furniture pieces tying everything together. If you're looking to add a hint of dark ambiance to your home decor that still oozes sophistication - look no further than the enticing allure of Dark Academia!

Source: HGTV

With subtle nods towards classicism that never truly become outdated, you can craft a timelessly beautiful haven without worrying about it becoming dated years later. Interior designer Lisa Holt shares her top expert tips to recreate this look in your home.

How To Style Dark Academia

Monochromatic Color Palette

Source: Daily Dream Decor

Monochromatic tones are a timeless way to create an inviting and calming space. However, this trend isn't limited only to black or charcoal; utilizing nature-inspired colors like greens and blues is another excellent option for capturing the essence of this ever-popular look. According to Lisa Holt, "These earthy hues can work in classic or modern interiors - creating a feeling that's cozy yet sophisticated with "a lovely sense of history."

Antique Portraits

Source: Homes & Gardens

To add a moody atmosphere to any room, Lisa Holt recommends using antique portraits from the nineteenth century. Auctions are great places to find these unique pieces of art! Whether you're going for a library or clubby feel – it's time to put those Victorian-era gentlemen back up on the walls where they belong!

Authentic Antiques

Source: Mignonne Decor

If you want to add a touch of Dark Academia style to your home, consider incorporating some antique pieces. As Lisa Holt points out, "Antiques aren't necessarily old and dusty; they can be given new life through upholstery with fresh linen fabrics or bold velvets!" Nothing feels better than knowing you personally chose and revived each piece, allowing it to make its grand debut at last.

Natural Furnishings

Source: MyDomaine

For Dark Academia fanatics, nothing ties a room together like earthy tones and natural furniture. But if you're looking to start somewhere special in your decorating journey, Lisa Holt suggests investing first in pippy oak! This warm and textured living product is the perfect companion for harder materials such as metal or stone – it infuses any space with personality while still complementing classic black paint hues.

"There are many ways to style dark academia. The most important thing is finding what works for you and makes you feel comfortable. Experiment with different looks, and be bold and try something new." – Lisa Holt


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