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What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is a daring and inviting interior design style that celebrates boldness. By taking an eclectic mix of elements such as bright colors, unique patterns, artistic sculptures, sumptuous furnishings, and stylish accessories - this trend breaks all the rules to create mesmerizing home decor with attitude! It's not just about enlivening spaces but also reflecting your personality through historical periods or art movements worldwide.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Ready to embrace the bold? Interior designer Lisa Holt shares her expert tips on how to do maximalism the right way!

Neutral Foundation

Source: Style by Emily Henderson

Transform your space from dull to delightful! Start with a crisp, neutral foundation - think grey, beige, or white for timelessness. Then get creative and add bold decor pieces to create a vibrant environment bursting with personality. You'll have plenty of room for those big ideas – let the inspiration flow!

Pile on Patterns

Source: Love that Design

Give your home a unique twist - show off distinctive prints and patterns! Why not combine florals with geometrics or stripes with paisley? From curtains to furniture, wallpapers to decal stickers – be bold in accentuating your spaces. It's the perfect opportunity to get creative and make each room shine.

Tons of Texture

Source: The Past Perfect Collection

Give your interior a sumptuous update with dynamic textures! Rich velvets, luxurious silks, and fuzzy furs can transform furniture pieces like sofas or rugs; use them as curtains for window treatments.

"Want to go the extra mile? Experiment by adding texture to walls - this will give depth and dimension right away!" – Lisa Holt

Cue up the Colors

Source: Esmaili Rugs

Transform your home's décor with a splash of unforgettable colors! Introduce vibrant shades such as emerald green, fuchsia, and cobalt blue for an unmistakable touch of personality. Create stunning compositions using these bold hues on walls, furniture pieces, or decorative accents to stand out from the crowd.

Transform your space into a unique reflection of who you are - saturate the environment with vibrant patterns, luscious textures, and captivating accessories. Let go of minimalism's constraints; dare to be bolder than ever by exploring more daring designs. If grandiosity sets your heart ablaze, let it run wild on a grand aesthetic adventure like never before!


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