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How to Layout a Room

Designing a room from scratch can feel overwhelming - you know you want to make the perfect space but need to know where to start. Fear not! Even if you've never designed a room before, with the right tips and tricks, you can be an expert in no time. Interior designer Lisa Holt shows you how to layout a room like a pro in three simple steps.

Source: Elle Decor

From understanding your space and creating a balanced floor plan to knowing your style statement – learn what it takes to create stunning interiors that are stylish AND functional.

Step 1 - Know Your Space

If you're planning to revamp your room, the first step is a deep dive into its dimensions. Arm yourself ahead of time; if it's worth investing in a laser tape measure for accuracy (and speed!) Plus, having these essential details lets you make truly informed decisions when selecting furnishings like rugs and accessories that are just right for your space – no more buying an armchair too big for the living room by mistake.

"Measure every nook and cranny with precision, from wall length to windowsill height up to ceiling elevation - don't forget power outlets or switches!" – Lisa Holt

Get a Floor Plan

Source: HGTV

If you're eager to bring your dream room design into reality, it's absolutely essential that you create a floor plan. While it can be tricky envisioning the final result in our heads alone, great online tools like Floorplanner, RoomSketcher, and Homestyler make tackling designs easier than ever! Not sold on tech? You can always go old-school with grid paper and pencil - make sure all your measurements are precise for an end result of pure perfection!

Traffic Flow, Clearances, and Distances

As you arrange your furniture, focus on how easy it will be to move around the room. It's not enough that a space looks good - if getting from place to place is inconvenient or too close for comfort, what began as an attractive setup can quickly become a source of headaches! Ensure doors have ample clearance and create paths between areas with sensible minimum/maximum distances in mind. And don't forget about lighting; combine ambient, task, and accent into one fluid design scheme.

Know Your Style Statement

Everybody has their own unique style, and your floor plan should reflect it! If you're going for a traditional look in the room, use more formal and symmetrical layouts. On the other hand, contemporary spaces will generally require informal or asymmetrical arrangements. Additionally, consider where you want your space’s focal point - whether that's an armchair with an eye-catching pattern or a fireplace. With careful planning, this can ensure all elements in your home work together harmoniously!


Wanna Know More?

The next time you're stuck on how to arrange your furniture, remember these tips, and you'll be able to achieve the perfect layout for any space. Want a deep dive into how to layout specific rooms? Then you need the Room-by-room Layout Guide - only available at the dezignclub! The world's ONLY online interior design platform is where you can get help on your design project from Lisa Holt! At the dezignclub, you'll get personalized support, unique design resources, in-depth education, advice, curated shopping, style guides, coaching, and more! Join today!

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